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Established in Kolkata in 2019, Oushk is relatively a newbie in the business. However, the inspiration for this label goes way back. While growing up, Ussama Shabbir was always fascinated by the way his sisters dressed. He was fortunately blessed with an army of sisters, so their lifestyles had a major influence on him. All of them had different styles and personalities, and he loved how they used their individualities to express themselves. It was in their uniqueness and confidence that Ussama found his calling. A brief course in NIFT Kolkata further gave wings to his aspirations and thereby, Oushk was born.

Oushk is an Arabic word that simply translates into "adore yourself". The label envisions a beautiful journey of self-love and aspires to create something unique for every woman out there. The brand celebrates the uniqueness and flamboyance of womanhood by a fine blend of contemporary-traditional taste, silhouettes, drapes, patterns, and beautiful colour tones. Ussama's vision also lies in saving, promoting and reviving indigenous crafts textiles and techniques of India, by using them on contemporary designs through embellishment.

Oushk offers luxury pret-a-porter with classic silhouettes. The designs are vibrantly full of life and explore the pool of Indian textiles and textures. It embraces and celebrates womanhood, and all it stands for is #adoreyourself.